Cute Spring Coordinates & Makeup

Hi  everyone.  Today I'm posting more pictures to get you a perfect wardrobe for spring. This is my last spring inspiration post. As you first begin you might notice through this post that these are gyaru not ulzzang. I'm not gyaru but I like to look at popteen magazines. Popteen magazine is just so cute and kind of tone down. So many of my clothes inspiration come from popteen  and ulzzang. The fashion is very casual and girly. The makeup is very natural. Some scans are from ageha and popteen. I do not own any of the pictures all belong to hudie, gyaru coordinates, and  zazhimi. 
Cute fashion for days.

Cute natural makeup.

Her fashion style is really adorable and her nails is to die for.

Her makeup is so pretty to me.

Hope you enjoyed the post.

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  1. So cute! I love the scans. :) The outfits look really nice and aren't over the top like some gyaru outfits.
    Thank you for sharing! x

  2. The blue flower dress is darling. Thanks for sharing. ^_^

  3. I also really love Popteen, i wish they had those kind of magazines all around the world~~


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