My Top 6 Kawaii Phone Apps

     Beauty Plus
My favorite app of all time and many gyaru models use this app. It fixes imperfections,
blemishes, and lighting skin.

 Line Pong Pong Pong
I like this app because its like taking care of your own baby.
Instead of taking care of a baby you are taking care of a cat.
You basically can play games to win coins which can help your cat.

Shibuya 109
A app where you can see coordinates from shop staff in Shibuya 109.

A editing app for pictures with cute effects.
Make your pictures more interesting and less boring.

A cute editing app where you can decorate photos with stamps
and effects.

(Xiamen Meitu)
This app edit pictures with many cute effects and nice features.

How to get longer lashes for shorter lashes youtube video

Hi everyone
I decided to make a video showcasing how to get longer lashes for people with short lashes.
I forgot to mention that I add coconut oil to my mascara to make my eyelashes grow.
I also forgot to mention i count to 20 when applying my mascara every time.Also I will be trying to post new videos every friday so I'm trying lol.