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Somewhere over the colorful rainbow/New hair color ombre dip dye rainbow tips/ New youtube easter video

Hi everyone I hope you are having a good day. I have a big surprise to announce that I have changed my hair color and its very colorful(hint rainbow). I just felt that my current hair color was blah. So I decided lets get crazy colorful with my hair at a more moderate weird look.
I decided to get hair chalk to change my hair color.

My chalk look all crumbled after I got done chalking my hair.



Youtube video

New videos & Inzzang videos

Hi everyone there are new videos on my channel and inzzang channel.
Please check them out and see you next time.

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Great news!!

Hi everyone. Today I have great news I will now be featured on a new youtube channel called Inzzang. Here is Inzzang youtube link:
My days of streaming will be on Tuesdays. I will talk about everything from ulzzang to tutorials. If you like please check out their channel .
Also please support me and everyone else on the channel.