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Hi everyone I was able to blog 2x times in a week(oh yeah). Since its spring break here I decided to blog at least one more time. Today I decided to showcase other sites I am on. Also I am starting to make videos on my youtube channel I hope you guys and girls will check it out. There are no videos on youtube at the moment because I been lazy but now that mid terms is almost over I decided BANG!Lets do this and videos will be coming at you soon. I hope you check it out.
Here is my youtube channel
I didn't even know I had this I just founded out today lol.

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February Favorites 2014/Recent gets/Wishlist

Hi everyone since its march. I forgot to make a February faves post. Its basically about products I heart during the month.  I plan on doing a fave every month I hope I can.
Lately, I have liked two products last month. The two products are Hard Candy glow glamazon Bronze and Essie nail polish in mint candy apple. The Hard Candy price was around $6-$7 dollars and the Essie nail polish was around $8-$9 dollars. The Hard Candy glow makes your skin more vibrant,tanner, and glittery. You will basically see results when you first apply it to your skin. The product also mention that it is infused with 24 karat gold in the lotion. The Essie mint candy apple nail polish is a very light greenish blue pastel color. Which is perfect for spring and summer(yay).

My recent gets have mostly been nail polish for some reason I have been obsessed with nail polish.
I have recently brought ORLY flirty girl, Wet n Wild rouge, China glaze your present required, top coat nail polish, and white nail polish. I think I might have a little obsession with nail polish and ORLY nail polish(It might not be a little obsession either).
My recent gets I have brought are ORLY flirty girl nail polish,Wet n Wild rouge nail polish, China glaze your present  required nail polish, no brand top coat, and no brand white nail polish.

Also here is my wishlist which I'm  trying to buy one a day. Since their is a spring sell online I am going all out. I have currently purchased a flower headband, Eos lip balm, and Maybelline baby lips.

Kimono doll lip balm

Hello ladies and gentlemen Today I felt I wanted to show off my new lip balm.
The lip balm I will be showing off is my Kimono doll lip balm which I got from ebay.

The price of the lip balm was around $1.00 and $2.00. I brought it from China so it took around 2 1/2 
weeks to come.

When the lip balm first arrive its usually very hard and stiff like. So I had to heat it up a little so it could be soft. After heating up the lip balm it feels softer when applied to the lips. The color is a clear lip gloss color and its not too glossy. The design is a inspired kimono doll look. It comes in many different colors and designs too.
If you would like to buy one here is the link:
Overall this product gets 4 out of 5 stars.
I hope you H.A.P.P.Y(2ne1 reference oh yeah I just went there).