Sololita sponsored wig review

Sololita link:

Hi everyone.  Today I will review a wig I got from Sololita. The name of the wig is 

Brown Long Cute Roleplay Lolita Wig. Here is the link:

As you can see the wig is brown but its mostly kind of like a light golden brown. Here are pictures of the wig from the site Sololita.

Aww so cute 

Here are pictures of me wearing the wig.

(Front of wig)
(Back of wig)

The wig is a golden brown color and is very wavy. I give this wig 5 stars (oh yeah).
The 3 reasons this wig deserve 5 stars is the color is fab. At first I was very scared to try this color because I have never dyed my hair a lighter color. Then when I got  the wig I was surprise it was lighter than the picture. Then the carefree woman in me decided lets do this. Every since I got this wig I have now become obsess with it. Sometime in the summer I plan on dyeing my hair this color totally! 
The second reason this wig is perf is because its very long and dolly like. The third reason this wig is perf is because its a very reasonable price and shipping is very fast. This wig is perfect for gyaru, lolita and even ulzzang.
You can find the wig at

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