Cute outift of the day

Hi everyone, I am so excited for Valentine's day. I am so excited that I forgot to blog.
I decided I wanted to make a Valentine's day outfit video so lately I've been editing the video. 
I've also have been shopping as usual and I manage to spice up my new bag with a cinnamonroll plush I've ordered online. I decided to get cinnamonroll since it is my favorite sanrio character along with kuromi.
Lets get started on my OOTD.

Sweater (Marshalls)
Skater dress(forever 21)
(Betsey johnson)  knee high socks

I guess you can say my style is a little strange but really I decided to do something special. You guess right I decided to dress strange only for the month of February.  If you ever happen to see me in real life I do not dress like this seriously. I usually dress in a kind of girly edgy style kind of similar to hipster fashion. I hope you like the ootd even though it looks strange.

I hope you are excited for Valentine's day like I am. Just remember alot of people admire you even if they don't show it. Also if you are reading this I admire you.

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