My favorite lip balm for winter

Hi everyone sorry about my blog hiatus. The reason for the hiatus was my birthday. This year since its a new year I decided to make a new improvement to my blog. There are also many other surprises I have coming to my blog soon that I can not wait to show.
Since its winter everyone knows that lip balm is a must.
Lip balm is so important that I do not know how people leave their house without it. I tried one time leaving my house without lip balm and my lips became chapped in 3 seconds. Its important to keep your lips looking good. If you ever saw chapped lips its horrendous.
That is why I created this post to help people and also their lips.
If your anything like me I mean seriously like me. You can spot a bucket of lip balm somewhere in your room. I have a bucket full of lip balm some I never use included. I have three kind of lip balms I love to use Maybelline Baby lips,Eos lip balm,and Chapstick strawberry.
Maybelline Baby lips in minty sheer is my number one go to lip balm for winter. The lip balm makes my lips feel more moist and more hydrated. Its a sheer color and you can feel the mint cooling effect on your lips.
My second best go to lip balm is you guess right Eos lip balm in strawberry. I never tried this lip balm before so one day looking through seventeen magazine I decided Y.O.Y.O. It means you are young once lol. That is when I decided to buy it and I did. When I first tried this lip balm on my lips I could already feel that my lips was more softer. The aroma is so sweet that it makes me want to eat the whole lip balm literally.

My last but not least third lip balm I go to is the original Chapstick in strawberry.
Chapstick is the original lip balm nothing can compare. If you ask anyone about needing lip balm you might get this. This lip balm is very price friendly and not that expensive. I use this on my lips so much that my lips love it. This lip balm keeps your lips moist anytime and any day.
I hope you all enjoy this post readers and remember to keep your lips moist.

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