Shopping spree

Hi everyone Today I will be showing you what I brought from my shopping spree. Since it took me 3 hours just to agree on what I wanted. I decided this time I wanted to buy less but it was hard picking between the items I wanted or not.

My first shop I stopped by was Dreamcakes bakery. I love sweets so much I couldn't resist stopping there. I brought some macarons from here since I have a big obession with macarons.
After chomping down on my macarons, I decided to head to bath and body works.
I usually get be enchanted lotion and spray but I decided to try something new. I brought Paris amour lotion and spray.
After coming from bath and body works I just started going into random stores. Here are the rest of the stuff I brought.

 The bottom picture is my hair bow collection. As you can see I have tons of bows.

I almost forgot I stopped by the museum and went to see my favorite sculpture Ganesha. 
Even though I'm scared of elephants this sculpture still is beautiful to me.
See you until next time and always remember stay かわいい. 

My recent gets/random pictures

Hi everyone today I plan on showcasing what I have been buying lately. I have been mostly online buying things as usual. Come with me on a journey and see what items I have brought and lets begin.

  1. Heart sunglasses
  2. Fake bangs
  3. Baby lips lip balm
  4. Bow headband
  5. Statement neckace
  6. Colorful ponytail holder

 Random Pictures

While cleaning out my computer I manage to find pictures I forgot to post so here and enjoy.

The flower head guy is my brother.