Holiday fun/ Mexican store

 Hi everyone since its the holidays I decided to make a post.I can finally relax now that exams are over.The images kind of suck because I was mostly using my brother phone,since my camera died before I got there(sorry about that). The  place I visit was a Mexican supermercado. Here are some pics.

This store was very fascinating because I basically never been  here before. I might start going here for now on since its close to my college. I almost forgot I brought some aloe green tea drink, cross necklace, takis, prosa mascara,and some shampoo out of this store.My favorite buy from this store will have to be the prosa mascara it was a life saver finally my eyelashes are more defined. I will now have more striking eyelashes.Yo soy muy bonita.

I had fun and I love how the store is not crowded and the range of spices you can find.
I also made a youtube video( yay).I really mean it I finally decided not to be a couch potato.
 Here is the youtube video. Check it out please if you haven't already. Also thanks for everyone who checked my video out I love you to the moon and back.

Also if you ever feel down just remember this quote its really a lifesaver.
I hope everyone is having a nice holiday break. I plan on doing a Christmas post on Christmas.