Ulzzang fall and winter fashion

Hi everyone  The breeze is upon us and that means one thing winter is coming
I decided to make a winter post so you can still stay cute in the winter.   I know I said I was going to quit posting about Asian fashion but I found out you can still look cute even if you mature. I rather stay cute because being sexy or whatever else is not my thing.
Okay back to the post ulzzang fall and winter fashion. I  have gather pictures of cute and comfy pics I found online while searching hope you enjoy. The main focus is basically on layers and comfy beanies.

You should never forget accessories to like beanies, scarfs, leg warmers and etc. The main focus is to look cute and comfy in the winter time. These pictures show even if its cold you still can look cute, comfy, and stylish.


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  1. how are you bale to get petals to fall on your blog? its so prettttyyyy

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply. I forgot the website but if you search on google and search falling petals widget it should come up.


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