Pretty and Cute Lioele pop tint review

Hi everyone, Today I decided to do a product review on a item I just purchased. The item is tada Lioele pop tint in the color pink. I recently just brought this item from Pretty and Cute.
When I saw this item on Pretty and Cute site I just out of nowhere wanted to get so after a long indecisive moment I finally decided yeah. The description on the site of the item is:

Want soft lips with an amazing baby pink glow? Lioele Blooming Pop is a soft and moisture absorbing milk lotion without stickiness, it has a lovable pink tint to give you a clear and transparent glow; doesn't rub off easily and lasts for long periods of time so you can flaunt the pure look.
This product that can also be used as a blusher will give you natural and lovely warm cheeks.

No Stickiness
May be used as blush

 My review
       Keeps lips perfectly pink all day
 Easy application
Big jar
        Lips feel moisturize, soften
Fast drying after application

Watery base
      Has a gross taste
                     Have to pat it on your lips

 Here are some pictures from the site Pretty and Cute.

Here are pictures from me

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  2. thanks for the review! im looking for lip tints at the moment so i think ill try this one out

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