Western ulzzang interview with Barbara

Hi everyone today is another exciting post about a western ulzzang . Today I will be interviewing Barbara a western ulzzang.  She has other social networking sites that you should check out.

 Barbara sites:

1.How did you hear about ulzzang?

1) through kpop. Somehow whilst researching about kpop and Korea in general, I came across ulzzang and fell in love

2) although ulzzangs use a lot of bb cream, I tend not to go for them because they don't have enough coverage, but I do recommend Maybelline's one because it slightly gives that dewy look that's popular in Korea at the moment ^^

3.What are your favorite brand of circle lenses that give you the ulzzang effect?

3) GEO! You can't go wrong with them. Specific models that can help give you the dolly look are GEO princess Mimi almond brown! They enlarge eyes with a natural colour.

4.Do you have any tips for beginners?

  4) confidence is key! This is because it reflects onto your photos. If you lack this, it will shoe on camera. Also, I reccomend circle lenses to help achieve the cute dolly like look

5.How long have you been into ulzzang?

5) I think since I was 13. So I've been trying this look for 3 years