What every ulzzang and feizl should have / Giveaway

Hi my little sailor charms  I have been watching too much sailor moon lately sorry about that. This week I have been busy mainly because of college and I almost forgot to blog today.
I plan on blogging more soon so watch out for more blog post my sailor charms.
I also forgot to say that my subscribers on youtube and on blogspot are now sailor charms they help protect the earth from the injustice of evil warlord Pikachu lol. I hope everyone likes the new name I thought followers and subscribers sound so boring. I appreciated the people who took the time to subscribe to my youtube and follow me without you guys i'm nothing. Well I am trying to get a new video camera the one I have now quality suck. When I finally get my video camera I plan on uploading videos I should get it by the next couple of days.
I also plan on having a giveaway once I reach 100 followers on BlogSpot and 100 on Youtube so please like my other accounts and I plan on giving out awards to 2 winners.
Heres my other accounts:
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Now that I got the giveaway out the way lets get back to your daily ulzzang program. This Friday I didn't do the ulzzang interview I plan on stretching the interviews over a long period of weeks. Well, since I didn't do the interviews this week I plan on doing a post about what every ulzzang and feizl should have. When I look online theirs always a question asking what do I need to be ulzzang or feizl. Well look no more MilkyDoll is here to answer all your questions. Lets get down to business what every ulzzang and feizl should have.

Ulzzang and Feizl needs

  1. BB cream
  2. Mascara
  3. Eyeliner
  4. Fake eyelashes(optional)
  5. Circle lenses(optional) Its give you the ulzzang effect
  6. Lip tint, Lip gloss, and etc.
  7. Eyebrow shaper
  8. eyebrow pencil
  9. Blush
  10. eyelash glue
  11. white or silver eyeliner
The goal is to look as natural as possible with makeup so these are some of the basics. The goal also is too look as dolly as possible. I hope I helped many people with the same question on what ulzzang and feizl should have. I'm tired I might go watch attack of the titans and drink this wonderful drink called aloe vera peach flavor its really good and healthy. I plan on doing a review on this juice in the next coming week.  I almost forgot I took a selca hope you like.

Bye Bye




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  1. Attack on Titans is freaking awesome!!! Any other anime you are enjoying this season?

    1. I know its awesome and kind of scary lol :) I watching Sword Art online I'm loving that anime <3

  2. Aaaah you are so cute ^_^ These tips were really helpful since I'm now starting my Ulzzang journey and my blog life ouo

    1. aww thankies:) I'm glad these tips helped have fun on your ulzzang journey :) <3

  3. Love your look in this post! I would definitely love to see a tutorial post! :)


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