Western ulzzang interview with Joya

Hi everyone time for another day of ulzzang.This week I decided that I wanted to try something new with my blog. This weekend I plan on changing the banner and adding a new category to my blog ulzzang interviews. The interview category will have different ulzzangs from around the world who are not known and some known. The reason for this interview is to give beginner ulzzangs more help, encouragement and experience from others. 

The first western ulzzang I like to interview is Joya.
Joya likes gyaru style, ulzzang and etc.

How did you hear about ulzzang?
1. I heard about Ulzzang by browsing the group Kawaii Ulzzang Contest on facebook. (:

what are your favorite makeup products you would recommend to beginners?
2. My favorite makeup products I would recommend to beginners are Skin79 BB Cream because it last long and keep your skin moisturized and light. Also circle lenses from pinky paradise.com if that counts as makeup. And Etude House Sweet Recipe all over cheek and lip tint. ^.^
What are your favorite brand of circle lenses that give you the ulzzang effect?
3.My favorite pair of circle lenses for the ulzzang effect are Vassen Dolly Blue because they make your eyes huge and the blue effect is really cute.
Do you have any tips for beginners?
4. Tips for beginners...hmm...wear eyeliner, circle lenses, alittle bit of blush and lipgloss and put white eyeliner under your eyes for the ulzzang look! If you want to look more gyaru just add eyelashes!

 How long have you been into ulzzang?
5. I have been into Ulzzang for two years c:
What is the most important aspect of ulzzang to you?
6. The most important aspect of ulzzang to me is to wear circle lenses! They instantly make you look cuter and more dolly.
Do you have a favorite ulzzang you look up to?
7. I dont have a favorite ulzzang because they are all so adorable and I don't know her name but this girl is cute!





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