Popular Kawaii Poses

Have you ever heard of the peace sign? Well if you didn't its the 2 finger look that look like a V sign.
The V sign or the Peace sign is very popular around the world its a very fun sign to put up when you don't know want your pics looking boring. You might seen the V sign and Peace sign everywhere but did you know theres other signs to! Yup there are many more and they are so cute.  I hope I inspire atleast one of you to use one of these signs:)
  • Heart Sign

  •  Shush Sign

  •  Louder Sign

  •  Punch to the face Sign

  •   Two Pigtails Sign

  •  Adjusting glasses Sign

  •  Begging Sign

  •  Frame Sign

  •  Giant Heart Sign

  •  V sign

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Style Inspirations Part 1

Hi, darlings since I have a couple more days till I graduate I decided to make another post. While online I manage to find some styles that had me dazzle *_*. I wanted to share my findings with you guys so you can enjoy the dazzle too lol. These are some of the styles that inspire me to think out the box and to stop being the norm.



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