Holiday fun/ Mexican store

 Hi everyone since its the holidays I decided to make a post.I can finally relax now that exams are over.The images kind of suck because I was mostly using my brother phone,since my camera died before I got there(sorry about that). The  place I visit was a Mexican supermercado. Here are some pics.

This store was very fascinating because I basically never been  here before. I might start going here for now on since its close to my college. I almost forgot I brought some aloe green tea drink, cross necklace, takis, prosa mascara,and some shampoo out of this store.My favorite buy from this store will have to be the prosa mascara it was a life saver finally my eyelashes are more defined. I will now have more striking eyelashes.Yo soy muy bonita.

I had fun and I love how the store is not crowded and the range of spices you can find.
I also made a youtube video( yay).I really mean it I finally decided not to be a couch potato.
 Here is the youtube video. Check it out please if you haven't already. Also thanks for everyone who checked my video out I love you to the moon and back.

Also if you ever feel down just remember this quote its really a lifesaver.
I hope everyone is having a nice holiday break. I plan on doing a Christmas post on Christmas.

Western ulzzang interview with Barbara

Hi everyone today is another exciting post about a western ulzzang . Today I will be interviewing Barbara a western ulzzang.  She has other social networking sites that you should check out.

 Barbara sites:

1.How did you hear about ulzzang?

1) through kpop. Somehow whilst researching about kpop and Korea in general, I came across ulzzang and fell in love

2) although ulzzangs use a lot of bb cream, I tend not to go for them because they don't have enough coverage, but I do recommend Maybelline's one because it slightly gives that dewy look that's popular in Korea at the moment ^^

3.What are your favorite brand of circle lenses that give you the ulzzang effect?

3) GEO! You can't go wrong with them. Specific models that can help give you the dolly look are GEO princess Mimi almond brown! They enlarge eyes with a natural colour.

4.Do you have any tips for beginners?

  4) confidence is key! This is because it reflects onto your photos. If you lack this, it will shoe on camera. Also, I reccomend circle lenses to help achieve the cute dolly like look

5.How long have you been into ulzzang?

5) I think since I was 13. So I've been trying this look for 3 years


Western ulzzang interview with Vivi

Hi, sailor charms time for another day of ulzzang interviews. Today I'm introducing another western ulzzang her name is Vivi. She also has other sites if you would like to follow her you can check out her Youtube, Tumblr and BlogSpot.

1.How did you hear about ulzzang?
 I heard about Ulzzang in 2005. I was always uploading photos of myself on to myspace back in 2005. People called me a Ulzzang, I had no idea what it was back then. Eventually, after embracing it a few years later I’ve never turned back. I’m being myself and people find it beautiful. 

 2.what are your favorite makeup products you would recommend to beginners?
I use to go straight for high-end brands. They’ve never worked for me. I’ve tried Mac and even the upper scale like Nars. Eventually, giving up I decided to go for the drug store brands. Today Revlon cosmetics is my absolute favorite. Photoready Foundation by Revlon and there Nude lipsticks are amazing. They’re very dark skin friendly!

 3.What are your favorite brand of circle lenses that give you the ulzzang effect?
 So far I’ve had grey, blue & brown lenses. I love my charm series brown lenses. You can’t go wrong with these. They even compliment my complexion.

 4.Do you have any tips for beginners?
 Have patience’s and develop overtime. Experience is a huge part of Ulzzang. Be yourself and focus on yourself. Only you can help yourself improve! Take criticism but don’t let it affect you! You’ll get there.

 5.How long have you been into ulzzang?
Even though I was considered a ulzzang in 2005. I embraced it in 2007! So 2007 is when I actually started taking ulzzang as a compliment!
6.What is the most important aspect of ulzzang to you?
Your skin! People underestimate the importance of having beautiful skin with ulzzang style. Yes, circle lenses are apart of it. But without taking care of your skin everything else would just clash.

 7.Do you have a favorite ulzzang you look up to?
Actually, I don’t! I find that if I started to idolize someone apart of that would overtake my own identity. While I can compliment others I don’t look up to anyone. I am humble enough to know that my features, personal makeup style and skin routine is all inspired by myself. I find that absolutely original!
 See you soon :3