Ulzzang Hairstyles

Ulzzang Hairstyles are very popular and some are very simple to do:)
 The Bun

Curly hair

wavy hair

 The Bob

Braid hair

With bangs

without bangs

wavy pigtails

long straight hair with fringe

2 comentarios

  1. Hi! I love the hairstyles >_< They are soo cuttee!!
    Advice pls? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=539054959493187&l=4fdec02cb8
    I wanna get a cute hairstyle but idk what style. i wanna get straight bangs but it might look ugly on me.. maybe choppy bangs? idk >_< i have sidebbangs."hellp"

    1. I think straight bangs will look cute on you and will frame your face :)


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